Tear Out & Replace

Tear Out and Replace Concrete with JLG Concrete

While concrete repair is a viable option in many cases, sometimes concrete is too damaged and needs complete replacement. JLG Concrete offers complete tear out and concrete replacement services for your most extreme concrete surfaces. If you have a concrete surface that is too damaged to be repaired, you can have a complete tear out and replacement from the concrete experts at JLG Concrete. Our concrete professionals can tear out and replace your concrete quickly and efficiently with our proven methods and top-notch workmanship.

Benefits of Tear Out and Replacement

• Best option for severely damaged concrete
• Durability
• Indoor / Outdoor Installations
• Potential for new flooring systems applied to surface
• Low Maintenance
• Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

With our Tear Out and Concrete Replacement services, we will install a new, solid concrete surface that will stand out. Our proven tear out and replacement method ensures your new concrete surface is durable, strong, and long-lasting while also providing you with the base for a new decorative concrete floor. You don’t have to settle with the same old broken, terrible looking concrete slab, you can replace it with JLG Concrete.